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My name is Alina Gwozdziewicz and I help people feel better as they get to grips with their nutrition, energy levels, and overall wellbeing through my proprietary method based on a combination of bulletproof scientific knowledge, functional medicine, and holistic therapies. Each client is a story that wants to be told and I am eager to help it unfold. I work with people who want to feel better and I give them the means and the support they need to do just that. 


I am offering both single 1-on-1 sessions (Online or in-person in Warsaw) and full-time monthly support programs, depending on your preferences.

Together with amazing Mindfulness and Ergonomy specialists, I also organise health workshops for companies who care about their employees' wellbeing. More about this offer on our website:

Alina Gwozdziewicz,
Wellbeing Coach

Why Wellbeing?

What makes me a big fan of Wellbeing Coaching is that it takes a holistic approach to human life, and empowers the clients to become independent in their daily pursuit of health and happiness.

Autoimmune diseases

Sometimes the body attacks its own tissues due to reasons unknown for conventional medicine. Functional therapies and diet changes can be of radical help here.


Gut health seems to be the most pressing issue for modern men. Natural diet adapted to individual needs works miracles here!

Women's Health

Based on your bloodwork and symptom analysis, 

you will receive a personalized combination of: 

- nutrient-dense diet,

- herbs and supplements,

- hormone-balancing natural therapies and exercises to do at home.

Together we will take care of your mitochondria and recharge your batteries. 


Stress, anxiety, depression - major threats to the wellbeing of a modern human being. I will be happy to support you and help you reconnect to the "being" instead of "doing".

Energy levels
Weight Loss

Do you really want to weigh less? Or do you just want to feel better and fit into that new dress? Let's find out together!



“I worked with Alina some time ago. I was very happy with our cooperation - she's a great person with amazing energy. I managed to lose a few kilograms and I felt that not only was I purifying my body but also my soul.  I recommend Alina with whole my heart.”

— Paulina Lendzion


All services are offered both in-person (Warsaw) and online (Skype)

Health and Nutrition
Holistic Health Package

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